31 January 2007


i really like to make this london headhugger hat. it's super fast. and not too bulky when done with worsted weight yarn on size 7 needles.

please note the jaunty racing stripes. for the rib, i did two rows blue, two maroon, two blue, two maroon, two blue, and then the increases to start the dome. i used teh size where you cast on 81 stitches and work 30 rows after the rib before starting teh decrease.

sexy complimentary wristwarmers will follow (they still need thumbs).

back to the hat. the decreases make me particularly happy.

rating this pattern is getting tired. i've done it twice. thrice would be excessive, right?

14 January 2007

please sir, can i have some more?

i loved my first pair of knucks. dearly. which is why i was very distressed one weekend when i accidentally lost one. now, if you've ever lost a glove, you understand the upset. the annoyance. the cold hand. if you've ever made and lost a glove, you know the rage. however, i finally got up the courage to make another pair.

or, rather, i found this awesome twill yarn i wanted to use for something. i didn't have enough for a big project, hence the knucks.

i think they turned out pretty well. a bit on the tight side, but super warm. i used the middle pattern on knitty with a yarn probably meant for size 5 needles on size 3s. for the cuff 1x1 rib i decreased two stitches and used size 2s. now that impresses strangers. it's like knitting on toothpicks. let's take a last look.

and now for ratings...