14 January 2007

please sir, can i have some more?

i loved my first pair of knucks. dearly. which is why i was very distressed one weekend when i accidentally lost one. now, if you've ever lost a glove, you understand the upset. the annoyance. the cold hand. if you've ever made and lost a glove, you know the rage. however, i finally got up the courage to make another pair.

or, rather, i found this awesome twill yarn i wanted to use for something. i didn't have enough for a big project, hence the knucks.

i think they turned out pretty well. a bit on the tight side, but super warm. i used the middle pattern on knitty with a yarn probably meant for size 5 needles on size 3s. for the cuff 1x1 rib i decreased two stitches and used size 2s. now that impresses strangers. it's like knitting on toothpicks. let's take a last look.

and now for ratings...



Blogger Christopher said...

I'm making my first pair of knucks. One glove is done and I can't believe how fast it went.
Your gloves are great , I can't see the finger join seam at all. On mine there is a little line.

10:45 PM  

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