12 September 2004


looking through my knitting bible, aka stitch 'n bitch, i decided a purse would be easy. just a few squares. so i went for it. i cast 80 st of cheap acrylic on size 10 needles and went to town. knit in stockingette until i got bored, then did 4 rows in garter. sewed up the seams. made a 6 st strap in garter. it was great. then i did it again, but this time wanted to gather the top a bit. so i knit the last two rows on smaller needles. unfortunately, the only smaller needles i had were size 3. so here i learned much about gauging. the good purse has been gifted. this one, the bad one, now houses my oddballs.
crappy purse
AWESOMENESS: none, though it has proved useful