20 June 2006

"i lost my camera case"

sad friend + lost camera case + knitten ninja + bottle wine + MST3K marathon =

so this was the friend for whom i made a pair of tan/brown skullywarmers and matching cap. she came over for an evening of intense snacking and light boozing, and mentioned that she and her camera case had parted ways. knitten ninja, always one to pounce upon a problem (after two glasses of wine) found a solution!

please note the color scheme. it matches the aforementioned other goods. the orange bits were done with bernat velour on size 10 1/2 needles. this is crazy thick, so it went very quickly. being the sneaky ninja i am, the orange bits are pockets!

  • cast 10 st onto two needles so that each loop goes around both needles
  • knit along one side of the needles, pulling out one needle with each stitch. when you do this each stitch you knit will rest on the working needle, and one of the two stationary needles will remain holding the cast on stitches
  • turn the work and knit the same 10 stitches again, this time removing the other cast on needle. now you have two needles and can work your pocket in the round.
  • work about 4" in this manner.
  • do it again! when you get to 4", bind off on one side. knit two rows on the other side in stockinette stitch. k3, k2tog, ssk, k3. turn. p4 yo yo p4. continue until you have a flap of a length you like, forming another hole in the same fasion as listed above for the button.

  • for the sides, cast on 6 stitches cheap acrylic with two strands held together
  • knit about 4"
  • knit the width of the 10 orange stitches
  • knit another 4"

  • stitch together the orange pockets to the brown sides using tan acrylic. i went for a contrasting color so i could see what i was doing. plus, i am a sucker for top stitching.
  • use brown acrylic for around the buttonhole. this will help tighten the stitches around it so it will wear better.
  • stitch on the button
  • the first buttonhole was for the armstrap on the camera. you could stitch around this one in a similar manner, but i passed out. i mean, ran out of time.

designed and executed in about four hours. not so bad i think. :)


17 June 2006

birthday season

birthday season is jockstrap knitting time.

and this time it's in motion! though the model would like to remain anonymous, his crotch shall not.

please note the use of i-cord for buttstrap. i think we're nearing a decent pattern here, kids. it's a three stitch i-cord. which had intimidated me at first, but is crazy fun to make.


03 June 2006

fallopian what?

not a knit model of the female reproductive organs. it is an undergarment for a male. this was knit on the downtown bus on the way to a friend's boss' bday party.

as anticipated, he put it on immediately and wore it for hours.

on this...er...fourth go at a jock strap, please not the introduction of the split buttstraps. this was a first, and worked out rather well. i think the recipient found it significantly more wearable than the previous one buttstrap version. also, the pink gives it that certain...je nais c'est que. or something. i took spanish.