01 June 2008


i've always irrationally disliked the word afghan. there is no particular reason for this, other than the fact that it refers to something that is clearly a blanket.

i found myself overcoming this prejudice because of some awesome yarn that i found at a dollar store. so i bought all i could carry and brought it home to figure out a pattern.

i wound up using:

row 1: k all
row 2: p all
row 3: * k2tog 3 times, * k1 yo six times, * k2tog 3 times, repeat to end of row
row 4: k all

essentially, this pattern involves one row of effort out of every four. and in that row, you make everything smaller 6 times, make it wider 6 times, later, rinse, and repeat until you run out of room. i would HIGHLY recomment using stitch markers to keep your sanity. my blanket involved casting on 144 stitches. so i placed a marker every 24 stitches, or every 4 groups of 6. this helps to catch mistakes early on.

it was super easy to do, but took forever. i left all the supplies at someone else's place and made it whenever we watched a movie together. a great long term project for when you're looking for something to keep your hands busy that you are in no rush to finish. now ok one last closeup.

now. . . for the ratings:



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