30 September 2005


simple, but still sexy

here's my first -- well, second...the first was created and lost in a matter of day -- attempt at a hat in the round. i used two strands of cheap acrylic yarn held together and co 72 st. it's 10 rows black, two white, two black, two white, 10 black, then decreases at 8 st per round. it's also a little too short for my taste.

10 September 2005

wristwarmers, round one

sexy wristwarmers
These are the first set of wristwarmers i made using the pattern at knitty.com. i used cotton yarn and size 7 double point needles. i cast on 64 st and each stripe is 6 rows in a 2x2 rib knit.

01 September 2005

my first hat

i saw a pattern for a hat that looked easy and kind of fun to do. it was both. so i made a couple. some may say obsessively. some may be right. it is the tychus hat from knitty.com. all knit, and can be done on two needles. i only used one strand instead of the recommended two, mainly because i was scared of having four strands of yarn flying at me simultaneously. also, i used size 10 needles. partly because i have them. mainly because i am lazy.
tychus round one in candy cane stripes

this one looks a little like a candy cane, but it grows on you.

tychus round two in bruise

for this one i did not knit down to the smallest row as shown in the pattern (basically cutting out the four shortest vertical stripes). i think it fits me a little better that way.

tychus round three in girly pink and dangerous black

this is a girly hat. i do not think i will wear it. but the pom pom is beautifully absurd. i strayed from the pattern a bit too much (too short, too narrow). i do not think this is quite one of my best.