14 February 2008


so as a christmas gift i was supposed to make a sweater. as these things tend to go, i didn't finish it in time.

trying to find a simple sweater pattern for a guy is really hard. they all have crazy cables or are weirdly shaped. it was tough. but after diligent searching i came across this online sweater pattern generator. there are a couple of different styles. i was most intrigued by the top-down NO SEAMS version.

i used knitpicks wool of the andes with size 8 needles. in general i followed the pattern, but made a few changes. the collar i knit straight, which gave it a roll neck. the waist was done the same way. also on the sleeves i stopped decreasing about 2/3 of the way down to leave a little bit more give. the waist flairs a little bit more than i would like. next time i might throw in a few ribs or make some darts via decreases to try to keep that a bit tighter. i suppose now i understand that this is why sweaters tend to be gathered at a ribbed waist, but i still do not love the look.

i particularly like how the raglan sleeves are made. they are done with four pairs of increases that do not physically connect two pieces of fabric, but make it look as if they do.