29 September 2010


not so long ago a friend of mine sent an email that some might consider odd. he had purchased an awesome sweater. this sweater.

look at that detailing!

clearly this was machine made. the request in this email was to make a matching pair of panties for a lady friend of his. clearly i accepted the challenge. shortly thereafter someone was selling an appropriate book at a stoop sale for my building. i purchased it and the excitement began.

to find the appropriate yarn, i went to the fairly new lion brand yarn studio. i usually don't go in for acrylics, but they have some really nice stuff there. and it is an excellent place to match colors. i wound up using vanna's choice for the purple, and some thicker wool for the green. in the end, this is how things turned out.

the pattern had some lace embellishments and the same color for the crocheted seams, but that wasn't the direction i wanted to go in for this. also the pattern for the cherries was copied from the sweater.

now, i am never one to do things by halves, so clearly there must be an accompanying top.

what a happy pair they make.

and then with the sweater....

now for the ratings:



Blogger Carm said...

Hey Ninja,
The guy who requested the matching unmentionables is my son. I have been waiting to see what you would come up with and you didn't disappoint. A stellar job. I do not knit but I have several friends who do and I will be sending them the link to your site.

9:37 PM  

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