11 August 2007

hat & warmers

wristwarmers are all well and good. and i've made quite a few. but they are way more often with matching accessories. or, perhaps, as matching accessories? like this crazy seussian hat.

the hat is a simple 2x1 rib in wool yarn on size 10 needles. near the top there was not quite enough yarn for anything else, but too much to just throw out. so i decided to add a bit of whimsy. the bit at the top is a 4 stitch i-cord. keeping up the stripe was a bit complicated and took a bit of attention. i'm not quite sure how i did it, but rest assured that it is possible. oh, and that clearly had to be topped off with a tassel.

now for the ratings:


01 August 2007


it's been a while, but i've still been knitting. it is slightly less fun dealing with wool when the weather is as sweat-inducing as it has been lately, but i keep on keepin' on. here are some wrist warmers that i finished up a ways back...

no ratings, just the pictures. thought i might be missed?