06 October 2006


i've been a big fan of fingerless gloves for ages and have been known to scour army navy stores in their pursuit. they are so practical! you can reach your keys. and use an outdoor atm. and knit. and polish your nunchucks at the busstop. all around wonderful creations, these fingerless gloves. and, contrary to popular belief, they do keep your hands warm.

so imagine my excite at seeing the pattern for knucks on knitty! i had some leftover sock yarn and a lot of enthusiasm. the result is here:

so the yarn was crochet cotton meant for size 7 needles. i used size 3, and the larger of the two patterns linked above (or here). at fisrt i screwed up the cuff. i did a 1x1 rib the same width as the hand bit, and it turned out like something liberace would think was too frilly. clearly this was no good. so i frogged back to the stockinette part, decreased two stitches, and switched to size 2 needles. that, i think, did the trick. no?



Blogger Kristen said...

As someone who never has and never intends to knit, I thoroughly enjoy reading about you doing it. I must be knitting vicariously through you. If you ever get the urge to knit some knucks in the colors of Gryffindor, you give me a call buddy because I will be the one to buy them.

10:02 AM  

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