06 September 2010

new hobby

hello blogosphere. it has been a while. how are you doing? have you lost weight? i've been busy doing i have no idea what and apologize for my absence. however i have much to tell you! i have a new hobby. and it is bento.

this is a new hobby that may or may not last, but is super fun. a friend of mine defected from the states and is on a whirlwind tour of asia. during her travels she sent me a present by mail. after only 7 weeks of transit i received this:

it is a bento box. a tiny multi-layered plastic lunch box. little did i know there is an entire culture behind the creation of bento boxes. and i wanted in.

so, humble readers, i present to you, my very first bento box:

i admit that it is less fancy than some others, but you have to start somewhere. and this is what i had on hand. let's take a closer look.


so this is what we've got. top box: lined with shredded carrot, ball of leftover rice coated in sesame seeds, five homemade tofu vegetable dumplings i had in the freezer, steamed and wrapped in bok choy leaves to prevent sticking. bottom box: sliced grilled chicken apple sausage over lettuce, bok choy sauteed in ginger, and carrots wrapped around capers on creepy face picks.

it is truly amazing how much fits into such a little box. i am awaiting news on whether this was an appropriately filling and/or delicious lunch.


Anonymous WhirlwindTouring said...

Those dumplings look delicious!

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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