14 July 2006

on a scale of "kinda stupid" to "are you kidding me"?...

so i took a train ride recently and *gasp* finished my project mid-route. as at the time i was highly caffeinated and listening to rather enthusiastic music - probably the dresden doll's yes, virginia - i needed something with which to occupy my hands, but didn't want to start a new project as i was in the middle of about five million. so i made little wristicuffs.

now i know that you, gentle readers, will try to boost my ego and tell me these are adorable, but i know that, in fact, they are absurd. and now i have learned. not worth it. make something else instead. possibly little pouches? hmm.

sock yarn, size 7 needles. these were knit the short way, about 16 st, one entirely in stockinette, the other with every 4th row purled. that one is the one that looks super silly.


09 July 2006

skein & able

so the world is currently undergoing another trend.  knitting?  yeah yeah.  that's so 2003.  now there's a new urban art form.  slightly less permanent than graffitti, but slightly more awesome.  so knitten ninja's gettin' in on it.  

the related representation on myspace is skein and able. i'm merely a cog riding on the coattails of someone else's cool.

this is a bus stop on the east side of thompkins square park. a small beginning to be sure, but there is more awesome to come.