30 December 2005

so many wrists are warm because of me

the newest warmers...
red/orange warmers
these are 2x2 knit, acrylic yarn on size 10 needles. 10 rows each color block. one warmer is orange red orange red orange and the other is red orange red orange red

15 December 2005

cable scarf, part 2

i finished my cabley scarf. i think she turned out rather well.
cabley more cabley
and now she can be rated...

12 December 2005

sockin' it to ya

clearly this needed to begin with a pun.
i made my first sock!

ain't she perty? my favorite socks are dying. have a hole in the heel and they are a bit too thin for me to even contemplate darning. not to mention that seems a rather daunting task. so i looked at a ton of patterns online to see if i could find them. no luck. so then i stared at them for a long time. their heel did'nt look like the patterns i'd seen. this whole knitting a square heel and turning it held no allure for me. i liked the neat look of angled decreases. after reading a gazillion patterns from about.com, i learned that this was done through decreasing in short rows. which i will explain at a later date when i can do it properly. at this point i did it poorly, but it worked. and it's a hot sock.


here you can see the short row heel. no squares for me.

i decreased the toe in a similar manner. pattern: i used crochet cotton yarn meant for size 7 needles on size 3s. and it fits my size 12 foot. CO 51 st (i used three double points with 18, 18, and 15 st) rows 1- 2: k1 p1 rows 3-50: k2 p1 rows 51-54: k all put 26 st on 1 needle, 25 on another switch to contrasting color working 26 st needle, decrease 1 st at end of each row, for 16 rows (down to 10) increase back to 26 st rearrange stitches on three needles switch to original color k all for 52 rows pick up 26 st on sole put 26 st on 1 needle, 25 on another switch to contrasting color working on 26 needle, decrease 1 st at end of each row, for 16 rows (down to 10) increase back to 26 st join with original color
please note that the high difficulty is only because i had no idea what i was doing. the twin is proving far easier. note that the toe and heel are actually done the same way.

09 December 2005

cabley hat

cables are my new best friend. i never cared much for the look before i started knitting, now i just can't get enough. this hat was done with "mock cables". a one stitch twist that apparently does not count as a real cable since it does not require a needle. whatever, it is cute.



knit on size 10 needles with debbie bliss merino wool. took 3 balls. pattern here.

you may notice my straying into nice yarn here. uncharacteristic, eh? these three balls were the first i purchased when beginning my career as a knitter. i hid them from myself until i thought i could do them justice. this was the time.

02 December 2005

candy cane

a ways back i made the tychus hat and it looked like a candy cane. very doofy, but it grows on you. i decided it needed matching wristwarmers. i did them vertically in short rows. cast 30 stitches on size 10 needles. two rows red, two rows white, until it totals 28 rows. sew up the seam and leave a hole for your thumb. a really quick knit.

candy warmers

01 December 2005


i just started my first cabling project. it's a scarf. it's quite fun. here she is: 4..3..4..3..
i've never been much for following patterns. most of what i make is in a 2x2 knit (cotton yarn on size 7s). this pattern takes a kkppkk, and cables the kk's, while leaving the pp's on the back side. i'm not quite sure how to describe what i'm doing, but it seems to work. what i'm most excited about is that it's two sided. 3..3..3..3..
not done, not rated.