22 February 2006

ah, public transit...

so i was knitting a sock on the uptown bus today and this rather large woman came ambling down the aisle with a large translucent bag and sat down directly across from me. i removed my earphones and said, "did you get that at the shop over two blocks west?" and she was all, "hell no, they're way too expensive there. i order online." i agreed.
we then chatted about the blanket she was making. pink, purple, and white baby blanket. apparently for a ginormous baby. her coworkers are breeding like randy rabbits and she's trying to keep up. and she's knitting them all sweaters, hats, and blankets that match! i sat back in jealousy.
apparently she just learned to knit, but has been crocheting for years. though she prefers the look of the knit, she prefers the act of crocheting. i sheepishly admitted that i didn't know how to crochet, but it seemed like cheating since you only had one stick. then she pointed out the four i was holding and i had to admit that looked equally puzzling.
now, this conversation is not odd to knitters, but the bus, they were baffled! we chatted amiably using terms they did not know, from swatches to fiber content to ribbing and cabling patterns to sites on the interweb. ah the awe. it's luffly.

i am a boy who knits. large black women on the bus love me. loudly. i do not get this, but it seems to hold true. i love them too.

14 February 2006


i made more socks. same pattern as last time, but these are in sexy red and dangerous black.
i think socks may be the new wristwarmers. i've already started on yet another pair. hmmm...

01 February 2006

two brains the size of a planet

marvin caused such great feelings of jealousy that i made another one as a gift. ain't i nice? and, as i cannot possibly be trusted to leave well enough alone, i switched the pattern up a bit. which marvin do you like better?