09 September 2010

bento day 3

after the supercuteness of day 2 i slacked off a bit on day 3. here is a terrible picture of an unappetizing bento.

oops. only one pic today. on top the brownish mass is some golden curry, with rice on the sides and decorative (?) nori shoved in on the sides. the green swirls are wasabi. on the bottom we have sushi rolls of roasted beets with honey goat cheese. you will notice that the top three are gigantic. these were my first sushi rolls. the bottom there were a bit better. shoved between these rolls is some pickled ginger. snap peas on the side, and for some reason i put in a few baked chicken nuggets on the upper right.

for those who may think a bento box could not possibly fit a reasonably sized lunch, au contraire! this was too much food.


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