09 March 2008

more fishes

remember the fish blanket i was making for a friend's yet to be born child? the child is here! and so, shortly after, is the blanket.

this blanket was SO MUCH FUN. the fish themselves took some attention. i tend not to be one for overly complicated (read: change every row) sort of patterns, but this one was totally worth it. mainly because it reminded me of that escher picture.

so the fish themselves weren't so bad. i mean, they took a while, but once you knew what they were supposed to look like following the pattern wasn't so hard. what was a challenge was stitching them together.

for some reason i have been irrationally against crochet. knitting, i convinced myself, is a man's art. but crochet is for sissies. i suppose it was something about using one needle instead of two.
anyways, i managed to overcome my fear of crochet for this blanket, because it was just that awesome.

and now. . . for the ratings: