04 October 2010

bento salad

i think this bento turned out rather pretty. but, unfortunately, apparently, not very filling. a little bit closer now. in the top box we've got a classic applebee's style asian salad. iceberg lettuce, mandarin orange slices, water chestnuts, topped with sesame seeds and carrot flowers. nestled around the sides are some steamed snow peas. the bottom box is lined with nori. on the right is sushi rice topped with furikake and carrot flowers. on the left are some baked chicken nuggets. i put some barbeque sauce for the nuggets in a plastic pig. this was a mistake. apparently those are only for non-viscous liquids like soy sauce and vinegar. also lettuce is not very filling. was it socrates or alanis morissette who said, "you live, you learn".

03 October 2010

better bento

so after a bit of a break i decided to start making more bento boxes. this was largely spurred on by some new toys. and here is the result: this one went over pretty well. enhance. on top we have a california roll, and in the grass is some wasabi and pickled ginger. The bottom bucket has an assortment of flower shaped carrots and pickled daikon over stem shaped(?) cucumbers. the dip in the cup is peanut butter, tahini, soy sauce, and sriracha sprinkled with sesame seeds. between the two are nestled a few edamame. filling and healthy.