26 November 2005

brownie hat

i made another hat. i think it's cute. looks like a new pattern, but it's not. it's the tychus. i used brown yarn throughout, and alternated the other rows with tan or white. size 10 needles, other than that in pattern. came out a bit tight on my head and not much room for folding. but it fit the recipient well. (she's beaming underneath the ninja. really.)
brown hat from the front

brown hat from the side

19 November 2005

brain the size of a planet...

what's better than a misanthropic android? a knit misanthropic android. bitter and huggable, all at once!
marvin ain't marvin cute?
i followed the pattern here.


12 November 2005

yup i...did it again

and again, and again, and again... people want them. and with the holidays fast approaching, who am i to deny their requests?

brown skullywarmers

skull of brown skullywarmers


pink fuzzy warmers

i would rate them, but i fear that is getting tiresome for these projects. more excitement to come...

fun with stripes

for a while i've been meaning to make a scarf that played with varying stripe lengths. i started this puppy a while ago, and for some reason it has been my back project. well no more, it is done.

for this scarf, i cast 28 st on size 10 needles and worked in 2x2 rib. the pattern for the stripes was as follows:
i thought it was kind of neat. it could stand to be a bit wider, but came out to be appropriate scarf length, about 6' long. one more time:


10 November 2005

scarf del diablo

i wanted to make a scarf as quickly as possible. i thought of three things that would help in this endeavor. thing the first: huge needles! i used size 13. thing the second: knit it the long way, so there is less turning of the needles. for the first time, i knit a little swatch and did massive calculations and came up with 40st/foot. so i CO 240 st. thing the third: all knit, all the time. no purling.
i wound up with the following:
ucky scarf

the pattern for stripes was
###|#|##############|#|### (where "|" is white, and all colors were for one row)
i am not sure how i feel about this pattern, but i know how i feel about the length. bad. very bad. this was at least 8' long. which is WAY TOO LONG.
ucky scarf

please note the 7" needle next to the scarf. the scarf is foled over eight times. it was ginormous.
also, i tied the ends together at the end of each row. so that it would not fall apart. i thought this was witty. it looked awful. i tried to fix it. it looked worse.
ucky scarf

i know. disgusting. so i decided to chop off the ends and do some reconstructive surgery to fix the ends and shorten the scarf.
ucky scarf

less bad. i am proud of the tassels. however i am still a bit unsure about whether i like the pattern.

02 November 2005

girly wristwarmers

i am like a truck that cannot be stopped. wristwarmers are just too darn easy.
girly pink wristwarmers

CO 36 st (makes 9 2x2 ribs) on two needles. thumb holes are 16 rows from edge, and 6 st so that they lie on ppkkpp when warmer is finished.
fuzzy goodness

also note the fuzzy goodness. i figured out how to incorporate eyelash yarn into something. i tried using it on its own, but to no avail. some people apparently can manage it, but whether i used bamboo, metal, or plastic i have no luck. looks like it's holding the two together for me.