14 July 2006

on a scale of "kinda stupid" to "are you kidding me"?...

so i took a train ride recently and *gasp* finished my project mid-route. as at the time i was highly caffeinated and listening to rather enthusiastic music - probably the dresden doll's yes, virginia - i needed something with which to occupy my hands, but didn't want to start a new project as i was in the middle of about five million. so i made little wristicuffs.

now i know that you, gentle readers, will try to boost my ego and tell me these are adorable, but i know that, in fact, they are absurd. and now i have learned. not worth it. make something else instead. possibly little pouches? hmm.

sock yarn, size 7 needles. these were knit the short way, about 16 st, one entirely in stockinette, the other with every 4th row purled. that one is the one that looks super silly.



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