31 October 2006

wiggin' out

when i first started knitting i made a scarf. it was two feet long and about three inches thick. it -- to put it bluntly -- sucked like a hoover. a friend made fun of it and i stopped knitting for a while, utterly forsook.

but then i saw two patterns on knitty that intrigued me. one was the voodoo wristwarmers, and the other was the hallowig. both involved using either double pointed needles or a circular. at this juncture not only did i not own these implements, i did not know what they were. adding stitches in the round midway through a project was utterly terrifying. however now, returning to this pattern as a seasoned knitter, i was ready. and here are the results:

pink just isn't my color. perty, ain't she?

now let's rate 'er.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This I love.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

oh man...i've wanted to make that since i learned to knit, as well as the voodoo wrist warmers! looks fab...was it hard to make?

6:12 AM  

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