04 August 2006

spring scarf

the ninja is not one to acknowledge seasonality. given his druthers, he in fact would generally prefer to be dressed in jeans and a t-shirt year round. inclement weather rarely intrudes upon this practice, but the heat of the summer can. and this heat is precisely what the ninja was ignoring when he made the following:

a "spring scarf" had been requested by a friend about five years ago. (or five months, but who's counting?) so i finally got around to making one. too bad it was delivered in the middle of the august heat. oops?

this guy was fun to knit, though a little confusing to keep up with. size 7 needles, sock yarn meant for size 3s, width of 40st. this made for a scarf about 5" wide and very lightweight. definitely more of a fashion statement than an item meant to provide warmth. the pattern is a wavy sort of rib, much like the pattern below (v's are knits and -'s are purls):


though fun, if you're going to try this pattern, don't use a patterned yarn. or a sock yarn. especially don't use a patterned sock yarn. it was incredibly hard to figure out which row i was on. but the result is rather dashing, no?



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