27 October 2006

let's go hiking

if there is a bandwagon i generally am about halfway to my destination before i realize that i've jumped on. such is the case with the irish hiking scarf. a friend of mine was always kind of confused about why i knit. and really confused about why i got excited by yarn. then i took him on his first yarn store outing. he was all, "ooh! what can you do with this?" he found a lovely skein of eco wool, and requested that i make him a scarf. a really long cabley one. since i both loved the yarn and have been wanting to make a cabley scarf, i gladly acceded to the request. and it only took about a week. yay thick yarn!

this was knit on size 10 1/2 needles. for the first time, i think ever, i actually followed the pattern. i am quite pleased with the results.

one more time? i think yes.



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