16 September 2006

wedding blanket

i finished it! and it has been presented! at long last the wedding blanket is done. this cabled beauty, knit with cotton yarn on size 8 needles in three panels, has been my pet project for...well...this year. as i'm sure you can tell from earlier posts this isn't all i've been working on, but it's been the constant project that i kept coming back to. she would up being about 5' square, and the small purple, blue, and pink flecks in the yarn really made it a lot more visually amusing than the flat ecru that had tempted me way back in my yarn-buying days. the blanket was presented at a bridal shower and went over quite well. there was hugging and "oh my god"ing and all sorts of merriment. there were even a few ladies who asked me to teach them to knit. :-D

as you can probably tell, i'm going to post a lot of photos. partly because cabling is apparently hard to capture on "film". mainly because this puppy took me ages and i'm damn proud of it.

i'll post the pattern in a bit, but i really should do a bit of homework. then i'll come back. until then, the ninjas:

AWESOMENESS: * * * * *


Blogger Dave said...

Wow! Good job!!

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DAMN!!! THAT is awesome... well done mate!

9:51 AM  

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