11 August 2006

fairy tales can come true

so remember that sock i made a while back that just turned out a totally weird size? no? i tried to block it out as well. but one day when the ninja had a bit o' the old moonshine in him and a friend over he decided to start showing off things he'd made. or perhaps i should rephrase...everything he'd ever made. ever. the reasons for this decision remain delightfully ill-defined.
so when rummaging through laundry bags overflowing with gauntily coloured acrylic our ninja came upon the lone sock. and frowned. and said something along the lines of, "i made a sock. but it's a weird size and i'm not sure if it will fit anyone. so i haven't had the heart to make a twin." then ninja's friend tried on the sock. it was like cinderella! but partially synthetic. and self-striping. and far more practical. i mean, could you imagine what horrors might transpire if cinderella put her foot down rather enthusiastically and her shoe broke? i'm sure she's have more than a few words for annie lennox regarding the comparatively saccharine lyrics of a relevant song.
impractical footwear aside, here are the socks.

not so bad, eh?



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