27 May 2006

sock (no, not socks)

i finished my stripey sock.

i was so excited to bind off. i used the same pattern that i'd used on my other socks. basically a 52st circumference, 52 stitches between toe and heel decreases, then the same up the leg. on size 3s. i even went up to 56 for the foot. unfortunately, this yarn is apparently a lot smaller than the others. these socks are tiny. not good for my size 12 tootsies at all. more like a size 8. ah well. i've only made the one, and the twin may be made if i think of someone who they'd fit.

the self-striping yarn is pretty awesome though, eh?

on another note...binding off on toe up socks. very hard. i used size 10 1/2 needles (up from 3s) and that seemed to work. i did it with 7s and they were crazy tight. any other thoughts?


Anonymous eryn said...

Since you're into getting fancy, you can knit both socks simultaneously, one inside the other, on DPNs. so you know.

4:11 PM  

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