06 March 2006


so a friend of mine wants a unicorn hat. i find this a surprisingly reasonable request. so i went off on my googling to see what was out there. came up with this:
which is, obviously, absurd. the hat was requested to look like this:
which is less so. so i'm happily knitting a hat in stockinette in the round. i've got the earflaps and about one inch of hat. however soon i must worry about eyes, ears, and horn. for the mane i was thinking of doing my decreases in the back every row so i could use the holes to tie in the ends. but the others. hmm... any thoughts?


Blogger Jessica said...

With the risk of freaking you out completely, I am going to tell you this story. I read about this hat on Myspace yesterday and last night I had a dream that I saw an alligator hat and I told you about it, but you were worried how to make the alligator teeth flat so they looked like horse's teeth.

I often have my own knitting knightmares, but this is the first time I have dreamed about some one else's knitting - and I don't even know you.

2:18 AM  
Blogger Ashley said...

That's a funny story. Don't have much thoughts on it. Good luck though.

12:49 PM  

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