13 March 2006

you and the duke of winchester

[please read all OlderGentleman lines en voce michael caine]

OlderGentleman: you and the duke of winchester
KnittenNinja: what?
[pulls headphone out of ear]
OlderGentleman: you and the duke of winchester.

** apparently, the duke of winchester is a male knitter **

KnittenNinja: at least i'm in good company.
OlderGentleman: it really is wonderful what you're doing.

[time passes. the person next to ninja on the back of the bus leaves and the old man sits down next to me]

OlderGentleman: that really is wonderful, what you're doing.
KnittenNinja: i think so. i quite enjoy it. gives me something to do to pass the time in transit.
OlderGentleman: it's really a shame, in these days of machine processed things, that no one takes the time to make things anymore. and there's a difference you know.
KnittenNinja: indeed.
OlderGentleman: one can look at something and just know it was handmade.
KnittenNinja: quite true.
OlderGentleman: it's nice to see that anyone still does that these days.
KnittenNinja: knitting has actually had quite a resurgence in these past few years. there are quite a lot of us.
OlderGentleman: but still...it's nice to see...

i am still unsure of whether the gentleman in question was hitting on me, or thinking of when he was young and his mother used to knit, but i shall assume the latter.


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