05 March 2006

wine bag

i decided it was time to knit with something other than yarn. while on one of my semi-regular dollar store trips i came across a spool of jute. this, i thought, would be awesome. so i sat down with a 350ft ball and a set of size 10.5s and went to work. here's what happened:

nifty, huh? i thought the jute (like twine, by the way) would be stiffer. but in this stockinette stitch it's more like a rug than like cardboard.

side panel (three times):
cast on 14st
even rows: slip1, k13
odd rows: slip1, p13
46 (RS): slip1, k3, k2tog, k2, ssk, k4
47 (WS): slip1, p3, yo, p4, yo, p4
48 (WS): bind off
this makes little holes for the handles.

here she is in action. notice the nice 3-panel craftsmanship.

bottom: cast on 14st
all rows: slip 1, k2tog, knit to end
keep going until you can't anymore (due to either tension in jute or lack of stitches), then bind off.

i thought this was pretty neat. it would be neater if the sides were stiff, but such is life. maybe garter next time? seed stitch?

i used shoelaces, stitching up the large holes near the tops of the panels left by the slipped stitches. it looks kinda crappy so i might braid together a few lengths of black yarn instead.



Anonymous theann said...

That is so freakin rad. Seriously. You could make them wine bottle sized and give out rad drunken gifts all year long. hahaha

12:00 PM  

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