09 March 2006

there's more to life than acrylic

i have heard these words, but not believed them. acrylic. so bright. so friendly. so soft. so cheap. but the time has come for this ninja to branch out. boutique yarn shops in manhattan tend to be hella expensive. sometimes, they don't even price their yarn. and that always means you can't afford it.

so i resorted to the interweb. i've ordered from herrschner's before, which is where i picked up a few cones of sugar 'n cream pound o' cotton cones. i've made scarves and wristwarmers out of it, and quite like it. sturdy, washable, natural fiber, easy to knit, and you'll never run out. ever.

so anyway, i ordered some self-striping sock yarn. it's awesome. i may even have a mid-project pic post, as i'm excited about how it turns out. here's a preview:

regia self-striping sport granite

it's amazing. i give it many ninjas of awesomeness.

oh, and i realized the cheapie yarn site is run by the herrschners folk. i support then wholeheartedly. shop there now.


Blogger Ashley said...

I like herrschners. I recently got some extremely cheap, 70% wool sock yarn. Then I went and ordered more sock yarn Saturday and still haven't heard from them. I'm starting to wonder if they lost my order.

That is a pretty sock yarn though, what is it?

3:04 PM  
Blogger FrozenExtremities said...

I knit a Doctor Who scarf entirely in acrylic. I coulnd't afford to do it any other way, and it looked great, but man I'm loath to touch the stuff again.

So hooray for discount yarn!!!

8:35 PM  
Blogger knitten ninja said...

i'll change the picture above into a link to the yarn. it's regia self-striping sport granite.

1:11 PM  

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