25 May 2006

is that aran knitting?

knitting my square blanket on the crosstown bus. i was running late for work, so i didn't have my coffee yet. if you've ever met the ninja, he's a mite cranky when undercaffeinated. especially before noon.
this pleasant looking and rather zoftig woman was talking at me. i sighed, hopefully not audibly, and removed the earphone from my ear. "is that aran knitting you're doing there?" this, in and of itself, is nothing to put one in a particularly good mood. however, the thick irish brogue that she used was fantastic. i suddenly knew that for the next ten minutes that our paths of transit crossed we would be the best of friends. she liked my pattern and asked about the yarn, and was quite surprised it was cotton. she told me tails of when she used to knit and how she and her friends would make socks and the like. it was great to see her so excited.
she then asked me where she could pick up yarn and seemed very motivated to start knitting again. i love it when that happens.


Anonymous eryn said...

*Zaftig. Scrabble.

4:09 PM  

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