26 February 2007

case in point

my mother was complaining that she didn't have a case for her camera. and heard that i could make them. clearly it followed that she requested one. so one morning, before my dad and sister came into the city for chinese new year, i popped in hackers, broke out my needles, and made a little case. in just under two hours. here she is:
size 7 needles, midweight cotton yarn. i cast 20 stitches onto two needles. i knit my way across once, leaving the other needle in the loops. (this is not fun.) then i knit back across the stationary needle, and worked in the round. three rows per color, until i reached the size of the camera. next i bound off one half (using both colors held together). on the other half, worked flat, i knit two together at the beginning of every third row to create a flap that can be tucked in. (the time crunch made figuring out a button a bit too challenging.)
totally cute, right?
and now for the ratings:


Anonymous Brian Fuchs said...

I just have to say that I am addicted to your site... I wish I knew how to knit... maybe someday I will take the time to learn. For now, I enjoy the items you show off on your blog and thinking how awesome it would be to make them myself. You rock.

10:11 PM  

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