22 February 2007


so the ninja may start knitting. (not so shocking) professionally. (shocking!!) apparently philadelphia is cold. and stylish. cold + need for style = need for knittenninja! so some wristwarmers were shipped out via a friend. said friend took some photos. and here they are...
lovely, ain't they?
i have been working on crazy amounts of hats and warmers to go out as well. i should hopefully have a goodly amount done shortly so that i can post 'em for ya. until then. take care. and remember...today's mistake is tomorrow's good story. or something.


Anonymous Machiavelli said...

These are the sexiest warmers I have ever seen.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous kitten time said...

who are those sexy chicks??? and where can i get some knit-wear?

11:08 PM  

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