19 February 2007

grandma blanket

i can't help but thinking that it is somewhat backwards for me to knit a blanket for my grandmother's birthday. but i did. and it is beautiful. i took the idea from the pinwheel baby blanket and just kept going until i ran out of time and/or yarn.

the finished product was about 5' in diameter.

to make this blanket as quickly as possible, i used size 15 needles. now, i was using lion brand wool ease chunky, which calls for size 10 1/2 needles. so i just held two strands together the whole way. this led to some pretty interesting colorways, i think.

sometimes i held two dark greens together, sometimes two light, sometimes one of each. also there was some brown and a variegated yarn that was my inspiration.

and now for the ratings:



Blogger Chris said...

It's like a nightvision blanket.

12:26 PM  

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