02 February 2007

big red

hello. my name is knitting ninja. and i'm a shopaholic. i shop all the time. but i am painfully cheap. which means i don't often buy all that much. except when it is a bargain. like at a dollar store. (god i love dollar stores). admittedly, i have never spent over twenty dollars at such an establishment. except this one time... dollar stores on long island are special. they're like supermarkets without price tags. gigantic centers of commerce with crap merchandise at a debatably reasonable price. it was on a pilgrimage to one such arena when i first encountered it. some search for the fountain of eternal youth. some for the philosopher's stone. some for a big-ass pile of discount yarn. i am a member of all of these groups. however as of yet i have only been sucessful in one regard. so i dove into the yarn. i had done my research on the internets and it retailed for over $6 a skein. and here it was for $1 each. so i bought all of it. and now i have SO MUCH YARN. maybe i'll make a blanket. i've been toying around with the idea of baby blue fuzzy pants. but that is neither here nor there. my point is that i've gotten started attacking the stash. and here she is:
super fuzzy nifty yarn. i think it looks like i skinned a muppet. possibly because i did. size 15 needles.
so the pattern on this puppy is kind of rad. i'm not sure if you can see it, but she's knit on an angle. an attempt at the pattern follows:

  • CO: 1
  • 1: k1, ktbl
  • 2: k2, ktbl
  • 3: k3, ktbl
  • 4: k4, ktbl
  • ...: see the pattern?
  • continue until desired width (along side!) is reached. for me it was 26

  • RS: k, ktbl, k to end
  • WS: k2tog, k to end
  • ...: continue until it's really long

  • finishing
  • all: k2tog, k to end
lovely, ain't she? this would probably be super awesome with variegated yarn. if you're a noro lover and give it a shot, send me a pic. until then, the ratings.

ktbl: knit through back loop
k2tog: knit two together

go here for some great instructions on all sorts of increases and decreases.


Anonymous Yoshick said...

It's sexy on you.

It's dead sexier on me.

It's very sproingy too. I love it.

3:53 PM  

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