05 December 2006

textured stripe scarf

so in one expedition to my local yarn store, i came across this beautiful yarn. it's called bear creek, and is 99% wool (the rest is apparently the thin wirelike thread keeping the yarn together). it's meant to be knit on size 17 needles. and as that is absurdly huge, i've been knitting it on 15s. and here are the results.

i worked on this in the car on a road trip to westchester for a wedding. i made it through an entire skein and about 4' of scarf on the way there. now, i am a fairly fast knitter, but still. hooray for chunky yarn!

the pattern was as follows:
  1. k
  2. p
  3. k
  4. p
  5. k
  6. p
  7. k
  8. k
  9. p
  10. k
  11. p
  12. k
  13. p
  14. k
and repeat. so it's 7 rows of stockinette in one direction, then 7 rows of stockinette in the other. i have some innate dislike for things that aren't symmetric and reversible, so this keeps the crazy in me happy. also, it bounces a bit when you walk. so that's pretty sweet.

the color i used is almond torte, and it was about 12 stitches wide. in future 2 skeins would happily make a 6' scarf that is about 20 stitches wide. so if you're going to give it a shot, that's what i'd recommend.

also, i just started a multidirectional scarf in the same yarn (different color) that is going crazy fast. i should have new pics for you kids soon. until then, we rate the torte.



Blogger Jennifer said...

just wanted to say that i love ur rating system...i think i mentioned in an earlier comment that i've been following this blog for awhile but it wasn't until today that i really noticed the ninja rating...very fun :)

7:37 PM  

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