14 December 2006


so mad scarf rush 2006 continues apace. mom's scarf is done.

for this i used the same brand of yarn as the texture striped scarf. the pattern is for the multidirectional scarf that everyone seems to like to make using noro yarn. it has beautiful colorways or something. personally, i just wanted to make a nice solid scarf with just a tinge of flair. something appropriate for a woman of a certain age, you know? basically, it is a series of triangles knit from one point (1 st) out to the long side (here 25 st) in short rows. when you finish the long side, turn it to the shorter edge, and start from 1st, picking up the other side as you go along. it's a lot of fun and confuses bystanders greatly.

i think it turned out rather well. and, of course, i had to try it on.

details: bear creek yarn in cherry on size 15 bamboo needles. (it's marked 17, but i am extremely anti-plastic needle knitting for no apparent reason and 15 were the largest bamboos i could find.) To finish, i used the second bind off method in the pattern, and i think it worked out rather nicely.



Blogger Dave said...

Very nice -- I think this is the first one I've seen in a solid colour, and I like it!

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks great and lovely color:-)

1:17 PM  

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