29 October 2005

red fraggle

i love halloween. here are some pics of more knit accessories.

red fraggle

fraggle hat: this was knit in the round on size 10 needles. i cast on 88 stitches. starting with ten rows of orange and yellow held together. then 30 rows of red (one strand). next came the decreases. i went for two seams, so four decreases every round, on two sides. with stitch markers at the center, it looked like this: odd rounds: k2tog, *marker*, ssk even rounds: k2tog, k, *marker*, k ssk the little pipes supporting the pom poms were made by casting 10 stitches on size 10 needles of orange and yellow held together. knit 6 rows. break yarn leaving 1' tail. draw through open stitches. sew side seams together with yarn tail from casting on. attach to hat on seams, leaving drawstring bit facing out. pom poms were made by wrapping red yarn around a DVD case the long way 50 times (i find it best to lay a strand of yarn across the side before wrapping, otherwise it can be a bitch to keep the threads in a tassel even). this was attached to the hat through the pipes, and then the pipes were drawn tight and tied up.

red fraggle hat

fraggle tail: super easy. i cast about 60 stitches of orange and yellow yarn held together onto a size 13 needle. knit four rows. broke yarn, leaving a 2 yd tail. threaded a tapestry needle, and joined stitches still on needle to cast on edge. then wrapped red yard around the short side of a DVD case 50 times and snipped for the fuzzy bit at the end. the whole thing took less time than an episode of south park.
red fraggle tail



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