05 October 2005

skully warmers

after finishing the skullycap i was riding high on my newfound abilities with intarsia. so i embarked upon another version of the wristwarmers.
sexy skullwarmer

this is the same pattern used earlier, but near the top i added a black patch with the white skull pattern. now, what makes these super awesome, is that they are reversible. i added two thumbholes so the skull can be on either side.
sexy skullwarmers

the black patch is two purled columns, 11 knit columns, and two purled columns. i picked up an extra stitch in the middle because the pattern had an odd number of columns, and stitched it back in at the top. also, i carried the white stitched through when knitting the white stripes, and did a simpler intarsia bit on the black stripe. there is a mess of sloppy end tying, because i did not have the patience to figure out how to knit in all the end stitches.
sexy skullwarmer innards

yeah, that is kind of sloppy. which is why it is nice to have a wrong side on these guys. but it's worth it. let's get a closeup of the sexy skull.
sexy skull



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