02 October 2005


i found a site with awesome patterns. particularly, i fell in love with this skull pattern. and wanted to use it on a hat. this was my first experience with intarsia, or slip knitting, or whatever you want to call it.
badass skully cap

here is more or less how i made it. co 72 st with two strands cheap acrylic wool on size 10 needles. knit for 12 rows in black. knit 2 rows white knit 1 row black skull pattern (spaced 1 black column between each): the little one i carried the WS yarn around back, and tacked it in every 3-4 st to try to cut down on floats. knit 1 row black knit 2 rows white then i screwed up with the decreasing going down 12 st every other round. this makes it kind of a bucket hat. i think a 6 st decrease every other round would be more traditionally hatlike.
innards of badass skully cap

what technique is this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh... found it... thx... I do think that my niece, nephew, and my daughter... who live in the US.... will love this... I just have to get my head around a few things first... can I ask what type of needle you used???? I am so new to this..and I feel so stupid to ask such a question. I need to linky you on my blog roll... xxxx Madwag

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