16 October 2005

guest crafting

sometimes a webcomic will have a guest artist. sometimes a blog will have a guest writer. knitten ninja is having a guest crafting. for this entry, no needles were used. but it's still pretty crafty.
i was recently faced with the challenge of a birthday gift. as last year i presented the recipient with a knit jock strap, it was a tough thing to outdo. but sticking with the underwear theme was clearly necessary. so, here is the underwear.
innocent undies

please note the brand name, "4him". *chuckle* but all in all, fairly unassuming. so these undies were crafted as follows.
the first was bedazzled.
bedazzling undies
from this pair we learn an important lesson. don't drink and bedazzle. the damn arrow looks like a lightning bolt.
the next pair fared much better. this involved iron-on letters.
the man

amusing. but wait, it gets better...
the legend
now that, that's something of which i'm proud.
finally, another iron-on.
pansy ass
i think these speak for themself. due to the non-knitty nature of this enterprise, no ninjas or stars will be used in the rating of this entry.


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