08 October 2005

nothing ventured, etc.

unfortunately, sometimes the contrapositive is true. actually, i am fairly certain that is not at all what i am trying to say. but i really love that word. point is, sometimes you try something new and fail miserably. case in point: after finishing up my skully wristwarmers i was on a creative high. i wanted to try new and dangerous things with my needles. so i tried another intarsia pattern. i think i chose unwisely.
turkey warmers

in this photo, the wristwarmer clearly has a pattern. what that pattern may be is a bit hard to comprehend. one suggestion was a turkey. if it had taken me longer to knit this, i would have cried.

oh!  that's what they are!

in this one, you can get more of an idea of what i was going for. i fear this warmer may not warrant a twin. *sigh* for size reference, these were knit with cheap acrylic on size 10 needles, co 36 st in a 2x2 knit.


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