24 March 2007

so very very warm

if you've seen me in person over the past month you are probably aware that there has been interest in my warmers. commercial interest no less. this excited the ninja greatly. and with this impetus he set forth to make... a helluva lot of warmers.

the ones with the stripes are reversible, and the others aren't.

since there are a half dozen pairs in all, i won't post a separate entry for each one. except where noted, they are done on size 9 needles with mauch chunky yarn. they are 24 stitches in circumference and either a 1x1 or 2x1 rib.

these puppies aren't reversible, but have a lovely little cable effect going on. i think that makes them a tad on the classy side.

these guys are acrylic, done on size 10s. not reversible. but crazy furry.

and now for the ratings:
DIFFICULTY: * * * * *

note: the high difficulty is due only to mass production. momma always said if i tried hard i could do anything. now i am my own slave labor.


Anonymous Machiavelli said...

Providence was in my favor, as I arrived at the retailer for Knitten Ninja at the very moment this shipment was being opened. There was much excitement on the part of the retailer. I was pretty stoked, too.

Yoshick says she wants to design the Knitten Ninja logo.

10:12 PM  
Blogger yaniboy said...

You know, without reading the post further down and realising that they were WRIST warmers, I was kind of wondering why the knitted penis warmers needed to come in matching pairs... *grin and blush*

9:20 PM  

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