05 January 2006


more wristwarmers. soon i will become less boring, really. these were fun to make, as they are mad cabley. i cast on 32 stitches on size 7 needles, twisting every 12th row on all knit stitches. the last 4 rows were knit in red, and i added a little red detailing for the thumbhole.
the most exciting part about these is that the thumbhole is hidden inside one of the cables. i knit until the cable round just before where i wanted the thumb. then i knit one more round afterwards. for the next 8 rows, i knit back and forth on either side of one of the cables (eg. k2 p4 k4 p4...p4 k2). then i knit one round, and cabled the next. the effect is fun, though i had to add some red detailing to the thumbhole so you can find it.


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