25 December 2007

braided christmas scarf

last year for christmas i made my mother a scarf. but the yarn i used was too thick and the needles a bit too small. this resulted in a scarf that was a bit too thick to be worn practically. pretty, though.

so my mother let me know that she liked my dad's scarf way more. it was the cables i think that did it. so this year i decided to up the ante and make a braided scarf.

to avoid undue bulk on this one, i used worsted weight yarn with size 9 needles, where usually i would use a 7. it helped keep the stitches a little airier where the cabling would normally make the scarf denser. i can't find a link to the pattern, but it is basically two braids with a ladder stitch in the middle and a slip stitch rib separating them.

this one went over much better. :)


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